Hot Smoked & Ready to Eat

Eat from the package, or warm and let the flavours grow.

Beef Garlic
An all beef sausage, very lean, with a full bodied garlic flavour.

Buffalo Garlic
A very lean sausage seasoned with fresh garlic and spices.

Buffalo Smokies
Full of flavour, with fresh cranberries added for a little zest. Just reheat (barely) and eat. Overcooking will dry the sausage. Try adding a little water to the frying pan and let them steam.

Garlic Sausages
A moist sausage with a full garlic flavour.

The classic Ukranian ham sausage complimented with garlic and pepper.

Pizza pepperoni
Pork and beef combined with pepperoni spices to add a terrific mild to medium spiciness to you pizza.

Ham sausage with a delightful blend of five peppers. Not hot, just nice.

Hot N’ Spicy Turkey
Red to eat, and hot, hot hot!!!!

Turkey Smokies
Moist and flavourful, complimented with fresh cranberries for a little zing.

Turkey or Chicken Franks
Skinless, meaty and unbelievably tasty. You have to try it to believe!

Turkey Chorizos
A wonderful alternative to pizza pepperoni. Lean, meaty, and mildly spicy. Try it on your next pizza.

Our signature sausage. Ham sausage infused with garlic and spices to make a fabulous sausage for BBQ’ing or pan frying, served on a bun, or cut into soups, stews, sauces, eggs or chilli!

BBQ Weiner
Real meat, real flavour – like the good old days.

BBQ Buffalo Weiner
Same idea, lean meat, no by-products, no fillers.

Beef Smokies
All beef, ready to eat sausage that is quick to prepare and full of flavour

Also known as Knackwurst. A fine sausage, mildy flavoured, that cracks when you bite it. Great with sweet mustard.

European Weiners
The cadillac of wieners, having a unique flavour.

Octoberfest Sausage
Availible seaonally, this pork and beef sausage is a best seller in September and October.

Turkey Kolbassa
A lean twist on a great traditional sausage.

All pork, with a very smoky flavour, great in "Stompot" ( a dish with mashed potatoes and Kale, or barbeques



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